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  • Going Green

    Better Dog Behavior

    Old Dominion Animal Hospital is helping our community by using environmentally friendly green veterinary practices in our vet clinic. We recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, metal, glass and plastic.

    We recycle printer and toner cartridges for The Companion Animal Fund – help us help them by bringing used cartridges from your home or office to Old Dominion. We turn them into money for needy animals.

    Our X-Rays are digital, so there are no chemical processing fluids filtering back into our water supply.

    All our veterinary medical waste is professionally disposed of as we gladly follow all environmental protection regulations.

    Our veterinary hospital landscaping is not only green, but is inviting as well. It is planted with bushes and perennial flowers, coming back year after year, to the pleasure of bees and birds in our concrete filled city.

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