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  • Community Involvement

    Howl-n-Growl Pub Crawl

    The Companion Animal Fund throws this event in February of each year. The pub crawl is a walk through the downtown area to multiple local restaurants. At each venue you are given a ticket for a drink at that location, and appetizers are given as part of the ticket price. The main part of the event includes raffle tickets for local items and a silent auction for larger items. Last year the CAF raised over $16,000 at the event through both money made at the event and sponsors for the event. 100% of the proceeds go to local rescues in the area of Charlottesville, and surrounding counties. If you have any questions about the event, or would like to sponsor the event please visit us at

    Annual Dog Wash

    The dog wash is a very fun event in the summertime where all the employees at Old Dominion Animal Hospital and the Companion Animal Fund get together to raise money for CAF. All dogs are welcome to the dog wash which is normally held in the late summer. There is also a raffle done during the dog wash for local items around Charlottesville. Last year the money was used to buy Microchip readers and Infrared readers for the local counties Animal Patrol Officers. This allows them to identify animals more rapidly and get them back into their proper homes, which will reduce the number animals at local shelters.

    Holiday Pet Portraits

    Every year in the fall we bring in professional photographer Jonathan Joy-Gaba to take pictures of your pets in fun holiday gear. All pets are welcome including cats, dogs, or other small animals. Jonathan is an amazing photographer who spends most weekends taking photos, and videos at weddings. You can visit his work @Joygabaphoto. We send out emails as well as set up a sign-up sheet in the Old Dominion Animal Hospital lobby. The profits raised at this event go to the Companion Animal Fund.

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