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    Veterinary Hospital

    Our animal hospitals offers preventive veterinary care, full medical, surgical, dental, and emergency services for all companion animals. Our animal hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment including our in-house laboratory and digital radiography for quicker results when your pet is in need. Our surgical and therapy lasers make sure your pet has less bleeding, swelling, and pain if surgery is necessary, and our ultrasound gives us the ability to take a really good look at what’s going on inside your pet.

    Our services and experience provide the best care possible for your pet at our animal hospital. Use the menu in the header to explore our many veterinary care services. We have organized them into the following categories to help you find what you need:

    Wellness Care

    Wellness care is intended to prevent illnesses and conditions that may harm your pet, and to maximize your pet’s health. Keep your pet healthy with regular checkups and vaccines, flea, tick and heartworm prevention, and microchip identification. Preventive veterinary care can help your pet live the best life possible!

    Medical & Diagnostics

    Old Dominion Animal Hospital Charlottesville and Crozet are equipped with state of the art technology that allows us to pinpoint more accurately how to address your pet’s health needs. New therapies and comprehensive service allow us to treat your pet for a variety of conditions at our convenient location.


    Our complete surgery suites and talented veterinary surgeons take special care to manage pain and use the best techniques to help your pet recover quickly and easily. We also offer laser surgery for a variety of surgeries, creating speedy recoveries and less stressful healing in some cases.


    Old Dominion Animal Hospital Charlottesville and Crozet offer many services that help you optimize your pet’s happiness and socialization. Nutritional and behavioral counseling, health certificates, intensive care, pain management and an in-house pharmacy make it simple for us to make your pet healthier and more comfortable.


    Pets need dental care, too! We perform dentals with digital x-rays in our animal hospitals to help you keep your pet’s mouth clean and address any painful or dangerous issues. We provide free dental exams for all of our patients, and we are happy to teach you home care for your pet’s teeth.

    Senior & Hospice Care

    Everyone gets older, and we realize that as your pet ages, your needs will change and you may have special concerns about your elderly pet. We provide counseling and care for senior pets, including hospice care, to insure that your older pet is happy and comfortable for as long as possible.


    In the event of an emergency, we take immediate action at the animal hospitals to stabilize your pet. Once stable, we will discuss with you what you need to know, what options you may have, and explaining what is happening so that you can make informed decisions to help your pet.

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