• Senior Pet Care

    Senior Care at Old Dominion Animal Hospital

    Do you have a senior pet? Did you know that the oldest age for a dog is 29 years, and the oldest cat was 38? (Guinness Book of World Records) While your pet may not break any records for living the longest, there are many ways to ensure that your senior pet has a long and healthy life. Preventive medicine is key.

    If your pet is seven years old, you have a middle aged pet. As you begin to notice changes in your pet’s capabilities, it may be time to start twice a year visits to your veterinarian for examinations. Blood tests, EKGs, radiographs, and other diagnostic tests and examinations can pick up changes early and allow for better treatment of your senior pet.

    We can help you extend not only your pet’s life, but the quality of your pet’s life.

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