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    It may be too cold to play outside, but we’re making the most of some downtime this winter! Learn how your dog talks and what he’s trying to say to you, prepare for a new cat so that you can enjoy a new family member without hassle, and maybe knit a sweater to help your pup stay warm as the temperatures drop. Don’t forget to make your calendar for the upcoming Howl-n-Growl Pub Prowl – proceeds help us to help rescue organizations in our area. We also have some great suggestions for snowy winter getaways with your pet. Check with us to make sure your vaccinations are up to date, and what sort of things you need to make sure your pet’s “pawsport” is in order!

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    Rabies Outbreak in Fluvanna

    Rabies Outbreak in Fluvanna

    A Fluvanna dog was confirmed rabid and exposed at least 12 people, who are now undergoing treatment. A sad reminder to check your pet’s vaccine status. [read more]

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