• Surgery

    Surgery at Old Dominion Animal Hospital in Charlottesville

    Old Dominion Animal Hospital performs several types of veterinary surgery and includes a fully equipped surgical facility. Our veterinarians offer soft-tissue surgeries and veterinary orthopedic surgeries within limits. We use safe anesthesia and employ pain management in surgical procedures and after care.

    Our talented doctors are also excellent surgeons, providing outstanding care and attention to your pet’s needs. They have extensive experience in veterinary surgery and have shown remarkable aptitude and ability. Many hours in the surgical suite have also made them experts who can recommend and perform the proper procedure to ensure the quickest and least painful recovery possible.

    The veterinary technicians at Old Dominion are experienced and dedicated to making sure your pet is comfortable and healthy throughout all procedures. They also speak with owners to let them know that pets are recovering well, and they help owners to understand and carry out the best recovery routines.

    We perform several surgical procedures including:

    -Gastrointestinal/abdominal surgery: removal of foreign bodies, intestinal and liver mass removals and biopsies, bloat/GDV correction, stomach tacking, diaphragmatic hernia repair, splenectomy, anal sac removals

    -Dermatological surgery: benign and malignant mass removal and biopsy, wound repair

    -Urogenital surgery: spay/neuter, perineal urethrostomy, bladder stone removal, mammary mass removal, vulvoplasty, ceasarean section

    -Ophthalmic surgery: eyelid tumor removal, “cherry-eye” repair, eyelid correction (entropion and ectropion), treatment of corneal ulcers

    -Orthopedic surgery: femoral head ostectomy (FHO), amputations of digits and limbs

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