• Common Diseases & Specialties

    Medial Diagnostics at Old Dominion Animal Hospital

    As general practioners, we are challenged daily with veterinary medical and surgical cases, ranging from simple problems to complex diseases. Our goal is to help prevent diseases and treat them when necessary. We feel that each case is individual, and our veterinary clinic is dedicated to providing the right care for your specific pet. We are committed to spending the time it takes to diagnose and manage your pet’s problems, and we welcome veterinary referrals for second opinions on challenging cases. We take pride in keeping your pet healthy and happy.

    Below are some of the common veterinary specialty areas that we have expertise with:

    -Dermatologic Conditions: Allergic dermatitis and secondary skin infections, ear infections, food allergies, skin parasites, skin masses

    -Endocrine Disorders: Hyper- and Hypothyrodism, Diabetes, Cushing’s Disease, Addison’s Disease

    -Gastroenteric Diseases: Chronic vomiting and diarrhea, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, gastrointestinal parasites, food allergies, pancreatitis, liver disease, protein-losing enteropathy

    -Cardiology: heart murmurs and arrhythmias, heartworm disease, heart failure, hypertension

    -Urology: feline cystitis and urinary blockage, bladder infections, bladder stones, kidney disease and failure, prostate disease, urinary incontinence

    -Ophthalmology: cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, corneal injuries and ulcers, uveitis, eyelid masses

    -Respiratory Diseases: feline asthma, chronic bronchitis, infectious upper respiratory diseases, pneumonia, collapsing trachea, laryngeal paralysis

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