• Wellness Care

    Pet Wellness Care

    Pet wellness care is the most important part of your everyday routine with your pet. It’s vital to feed a nutritious diet, provide lots of exercise, and keep up to date with vaccinations. An annual checkup with your veterinarian is the key to preventing disease and maintain optimal pet wellness.

    Our Wellness Care program is intended to help you maintain the best possible health for your pet throughout his or her entire life. Our goal is to prevent the diseases and problems we can and to treat and assess those that we can’t. Regular checkups promote pet wellness by allowing you to “check-in” with your doctor about changes you may be seeing in your pet’s routine or behavior. These checkups give us the chance to help you address any health issues before they become major problems.

    We encourage you to discuss with your veterinarian your daily routine and any concerns you have about pet wellness and quality of life. You can also call our office at any time to ask about whether you need to schedule an appointment in between routine visits – that’s why we are here! Let our staff help you make the best decisions about your pet’s health.

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