• Behavioral Counseling

    Pet Behavior Counseling

    Here at Old Dominion Animal Hospital, our veterinarians and staff believe in a “whole animal” medicine, which means that we treat the animal’s body, as well as, their mind. We take a holistic approach to pet behavior problems and develop individualized behavior modification programs for your pet.  In-clinic behavior consultations with our fear-free certified veterinarian, Dr. Donna Manley, and behavioral therapist, Emily Crawford, MSc Clinical Animal Behavior, are available, as well as phone behavior consultations if your pet has been recently seen.   Additionally, we partner with trusted and proven pet behavior trainers in the Charlottesville area, if you need in-home training and behavior services.

    At the end of the day, we’re pet owners too; we understand the frustration of coming home to a house that has been destroyed by your anxious dog or a cat who urinates in less than desirable spots around your home. Let us help you create a plan to improve your pet’s mental wellbeing today!


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