• Intensive Care

    Veterinary Intensive Care

    Old Dominion Animal Hospital also offers veterinary intensive care at our animal hospitals. We understand that conscientious care can be the key to helping a pet who is in crisis, and our staff is trained to help your pet at this crucial time.

    Old Dominion Animal Hospital veterinary intensive care benefits from our full surgical suite, talented technicians and veterinarians, and state-of-the-art equipment to help us diagnose and monitor your pet. Our goal is to make your pet comfortable as soon as we can and help them on their way to a full recovery.

    Our veterinary intensive care program includes an incubator for small animals who need oxygen therapy. It is also used in situations which require for better environmental control of elements like temperature and humidity.

    Out veterinary intensive care resources feature an ECG, blood pressure, and other monitors to help us recognize problems with your pet’s health and treat them quickly. We understand that time is the most important factor, and we do everything possible to make sure your pet is stable as soon as possible.

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