• Emergencies & Referrals

    Emergency Veterinarian

    In the event of a pet emergency, our Charlottesville veterinary hospital staff is highly trained and available to provide care during regular hospital hours. State of the art medical equipment is ready and waiting to meet your pet’s needs and we’ll do everything we can. We understand that you are going to be upset and we do all we can to help you relax during a pet emergency while we do everything possible to help stabilize your pet.

    Please try to call ahead at 434-971-3500, if possible. Try to remain calm and drive safely – this is your most important goal during a pet emergency.

    Pet Emergency After Hours

    After hours, weekend, and holiday pet emergency care is provided by:

    Greenbrier Emergency Animal Hospital
    370 Greenbrier Drive
    Suite A-2
    Charlottesville, Virginia
    (434) 202-1616

    Veterinary Emergency Treatment Services
    1540 Airport Road
    Charlottesville, Virginia
    (4340 973-3519

    For complicated internal medicine and surgical cases, we may recommend referral to a local veterinary specialist. These doctors have many years of additional training in their specific specialty and we will work closely with them to create a treatment plan for your pet.

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