• Laboratory Testing

    At Old Dominion Animal Hospital, our veterinarians believe that having a comprehensive in-house veterinary laboratory is essential to maintaining your pet’s health. Being able to perform routine, pre-operative and critical care veterinary blood work provides our veterinarians with accuracy and produces timely results to health questions.

    Our veterinarians get answers about your pet’s medical condition from our veterinary laboratory right away, allowing your vet to begin treatment immediately. Some of the tests we perform at Old Dominion Animal Hospital include Complete Blood Counts, Pre-surgical Profiles, Heartworm Tests, Leukemia Tests, Urinalysis, Fecal Tests, and other types of cytology. This testing allows our doctors to get a comprehensive sense of your pet’s health and needs without referring you to other locations. You and your pet can get answers in one place and save the time of travel and mailing results.

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