• Senior & Hospice Care

    Veterinary Hospice and Senior Pet Care at Old Dominion Animal Hospital

    We are aware that senior pets require a little special care, and we want to make sure that your senior pets have the best quality of life. There are approaches to creating a long and healthy life for your senior pet. Preventive medicine is key.

    Your pet is middle aged at 7 by general rule. You may notice your pet beginning to do things more carefully or slowly, and it may be important to see your veterinarian more often. We want to make this new approach to your pet’s health easy and affordable. Blood tests, radiographs, EKGs, and other diagnostic testing and examinations are important to track changes early and allow us to care for your senior pet.

    Our doctors have plenty of experience helping pet’s age gracefully, and they can help guide you toward the right decisions to keep your pet feeling good. They can help recommend diet and exercise programs for aging pets that will maintain that youthful exuberance and joy for life.

    We can help you extend not only your pet’s life, but the quality of your pet’s life.

    Additionally, when the time comes we can also help your pet pass with dignity and grace. We offer many additional resources for families who are experiencing pet loss grief.

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