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    This very sweet kitty was found stray. She is FeLV+, so she needs a home or a foster home where she can be an indoor kitty by herself or with other FeLV+ cats. She is one of the many cats that Old Dominion helps. This month, we have included an article letting you know how you can help stray and feral cats, too! We also have some great information about choosing the right dog food, some fun tips to make your house “cat nap heaven”, and some tips for emergency preparations in the event of a hurricane evacuation. And don’t forget to mark the 2019 Dog Wash on your calendar – read all about it!

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    Save the Strays

    Save the Strays

    You may know that we often have kittens available for adoption, but you don't have to adopt to help our feline population. Find out how. [read more]

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