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More and more people are making their own pet food in an effort to implement better nutrition, avoid additives and preservatives, and to address allergies to certain ingredients. With a little education, this can be a good alternative for pets with special needs, and many owners enjoy the process of choosing and preparing ingredients for their pets’ diets.

It is important, however, to consider the needs of your pet and the dangers of malnutrition and over-supplementation. Cats are especially sensitive to certain ingredients, and their nutritional needs can be complex, affecting your cat’s health in dangerous and even life-threatening ways.

There are several approaches to creating the perfect diet for your cat. In addition to creating a diet completely from scratch, you also have the option to use supplement mixes that allow you to meet your cat’s needs while appealing to his personal tastes.

Creating a custom diet can be a wonderful way to address health needs and taste preferences. If you are curious about how to cook for your cat, start with the article below to learn how to get started!

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