Cat Nap-tastic

How to tell if your pet is bored

Most cats spend a significant amount of their day napping. There is probably a place somewhere in your home that has a little nest of fur or some other telltale sign that it’s your cat’s favorite place to enjoy a little snooze. If you have multiple cats, they may even compete over or crowd into the same favorite spot. You can create the perfect nap-friendly home pretty easily – try some of these suggestions to provide your cat with more ways to enjoy a little “cat nap”.

You’ve probably placed a cardboard box aside while unpacking something that came in the mail, only to turn around and find your cat in the box, even if it’s too small for her! A simple cardboard box can be a wonderful all purpose disposable bed for your kitty. The cardboard can be a great way for your cat to enjoy scratching and chewing, and also holds kitty’s scent to help her feel comfortable and secure. And when the bed is worn out, simply throw it away and start fresh. Place a soft blanket inside for kitty and you have a washable bed that’s perfect, especially for young cats and kittens.

Placing a cozy blanket in almost ANYTHING can turn it into your cat’s favorite bed. Planters, unused tupperware containers, bowls, even your sink may tempt your cat as a napping spot, so notice what types of shapes and where your cat likes to settle in and simply add a blanket. If you introduce a new item, use a blanket that holds his scent to encourage your kitty to use this new spot as a favorite nap location.

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Is your kitty a voyeur or a window watcher? Window sills can be modified with extra shelves or even just lined with a cuddly blanket to become a cat’s preferred place to nap and spend time. You can even put a bird feeder right outside the window to create “kitty TV” and entertain your cat while she lounges on her new blankie. There are even beds made to cradle your cat if you do not have window sills.

Get creative about where you place beds made just for your cat. Try setting up a kitty hammock under your chair at the dinner table, or tucked under the desk where you work. If you have a climber, place a bed high up, on the refrigerator or on top of a wardrobe, so that he can nap “above the action”.

Many cats enjoy texture: faux fur, velvet, fleece, and other textured blankets can be the factor that really makes your cat happy. Some cats will move the blanket to the location of her choice, while others will simply sleep wherever their favorite surface appears. Blankets are low maintenance and easy to wash, and if your cat is a burrower, they are ideal for snuggling into as a hiding spot or just a warm place on a cold day. Try different textures and see what your cat likes.

Creating the perfect nap niche for your cat is fun and rewarding, so enjoy trying out lots of locations and see what works!

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