Delightful Distance

Old Dominion Animal Hospital

There is a silver lining to every cloud, and we’ll admit it – social distancing is an excuse to do what we enjoy most: spend time with our favorite furry people! We may not be able to go do parties or go out to eat, but we can enjoy spending time with our pets without any distractions. There are so many ways our pets can help us pass the time while we are avoiding other humans. Try some of these fun activities:

Make your own enrichment toys. Are the boxes from Amazon beginning to pile up? Too many toilet paper tubes to recycle? Turn them into puzzle toys by hiding treats in the tubes and taping them to the bottom of a box. (Cats especially love this one.)

Create an obstacle course. If you’ve always wanted to try agility with your dog, now is the perfect time to start training in the back yard. Make your own obstacles or find some on the internet. Or use your furniture and some pillows to create an indoor agility course that your dogs AND your cat can enjoy. Try using a feather toy to lure your cat through your course.

Foster a pet. Yes, you will get back to work one day, so maybe a new Dalmation isn’t exactly for you, but while you have a little extra time, foster a dog or cat and help them find a new home.

Old Dominion Animal Hospital

Teach your dog a new trick like how to say ” I love you“, give you a hug, or ring a bell for a treat. You can even teach your dog to get you a beer.

Stage some epic selfies. Admit it – your Instagram page shows a lot of great pictures of food and selfies, but have you dressed your dog up like Godzilla? Or maybe it’s finally time to build that Lego city you’ve been planning and let your Hamster loose in the streets…

Make your own healthy treats. Now you finally have the time to try out all those great pet-friendly healthy treats you’ve always wanted to make at home.

Play hide and seek. Get some treats and hide them all over the house so that your pup has to sniff them out. You might be surprised how much fun it is to hide from your cat, too – pet her and get her attention, then hurry out of the room and hide somewhere unexpected, like the coat closet.

Explore new horizons. Go hiking somewhere you’ve never been before with your dog. Walk down a new street in the neighborhood. Or simply clean our your closet with your cat and let her get into EVERY SINGLE BOX.

No matter how you spend your time with your pet, our pets will be happy to keep us entertained while we help our community fight this disease. They will volunteer willingly to do their part!

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