Doggy Diets

Canine nutrition guide

Dog owners in the United States have a wide variety of choices when it comes to dog foods. Canine nutritional needs can vary widely depending on breed, size, age, and medical or systemic indications, and it is easy to be overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite list of diets available to owners.

Modern dog owners also often supplement their pets’ diets with homemade diets and human foods, sometimes intentionally (and at other times because of those big, sad, eyes…), which also has an effect on the health of our best friends.

The key to successfully feeding your dog for optimal health is education. Do your research and be sure to check your sources. Learn how to read a pet food label, and learn about your dog’s specific needs and sensitivities. Most importantly, discuss your dog’s diet and needs with us, your veterinarians. We can tell you what each different diet is intended to do, and whether or not your dog has special nutritional needs.

And of course limit those table scraps!

Learn how to find great food for your dog – the articles below will give you a start on your research:

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