Fireworks & Felines

New Years Resolutions for your cat

What do fireworks and summer rain have in common? Noises, which often frighten animals. The Humane Society Naples recommends the following tips to help deal with cats and fireworks, or cats and thunder.

1. “Accustom your pet to loud noises early on when they are young. Bang pots and pans and then give your pet a treat,” suggests Tiffany Campbell, a trainer with the Humane Society.

2. For older cats or anxiety-prone pets, give them a crate to hide in. Cover this den with a towel for added security.

3. Turn on the TV or radio to create ambient noise which will lessen the shock of sudden loud noises.

4. Speak calmly to your pet and offer a soft massage. TLC goes a long way in easing anxiety. So do treats.

5. Try an anxiety wrap such as Thundershirts. Used by leading behavior experts across the country, these Velcro-wrap shirts comfort pets; akin to the time-tested trick of swaddling an infant.

6. For severe cases, visit your veterinarian, and ask if your pet needs anti-anxiety medication for occasional use.

Prepare yourselves and your pet ahead of time is key. Anxiety in pets is stressful not only for the animal but also for the owner. Make this summer a true celebration where you and your pet can enjoy the evening. Utilize the tips and tricks mentioned above to make summer rain showers and thunder stress-free.

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This article originally appeared on Catster.

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