Fun and festive ways to celebrate Easter with your pets!

Easter is this weekend and we have some fun ideas on how to celebrated with your pet! They shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun of searching for Easter eggs, brunching on the Downtown Mall and fun photo-opts!

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts are a fun way to stimulate your pet’s mind and belly! Those plastic Easter eggs don’t have to be used for candy or money- grab a bag of your pet’s favorite, high value treat and place a few inside. Then hide them around your home or yard and set your pet loose!


While everyone is heading out on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy brunch on the Downtown Mall don’t forget to add a plus one to your party! Many of the restaurants on the Downtown Mall offer pet-friendly patio dining for well-behaved friends.

Are you unsure how to safely transport your feline friend out for brunch? We love to suggest a cat stroller that is a carrier and mode of transportation in one. Who would be a good candidate for a cat stroller- cats who are well-mannered and enjoy stimulation would be ideal candidates for this. Some other options include bubble backpacks- which are easy to use and help your pet adventure in a safe environment.


The Easter Bunny photo ops aren’t just for kids- get those fur-kiddos in a bowtie, bow on the collar, tulle skirt and say cheese!

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