Meet Cinder, the Blog Dog

Hi there! I’m Cinder, the Blog Dog. Mummy and the doctors take credit for most of the posts on this site, but sometimes I give them helpful advice and tips about what really matters to us pups. This time of year, the humans start taking us for longer walks and feeding us healthier treats while they work on their own New Year’s Resolutions to get healthier. While I appreciate Mummy’s care for my welfare (and I actually love the extra walks and the new treats), my priorities are just a little different from hers. Here are a few of the things I plan to improve upon in the New Year:

1. Communicate Better
I barked a lot last year, but did I bark loudly enough? Did I howl often enough? I’m sure I could have made that post man stop if I had just barked a little louder or a little longer. And since Mummy keeps leaving the house, I have to assume that I did not howl forlornly enough. I’m sure I can do better this year.

2. Make More Time
By eating faster. I think I can clear that dinner bowl in 20 seconds this year, rather than my usual 30 seconds.

3. Expand My Horizons
Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit obsessed with ball and frisbee, but I could definitely branch out more.

4. Get Organized
I’m always looking for that bone I was chewing earlier. I’m gonna start burying them in the couch when I’m done with them so I’ll always know where they are.

5. Share the Joy
I need to stop making the game of fetch all about me. Mummy is so nice and just keeps throwing the ball for me, and then I bring it back and she never asks me to throw it for her. I need to hide it in the couch more often so she can enjoy finding it just like I do.

6. Get More Done
Let’s face it, I’m only peeing on about half of the stuff at the local park when we visit. This year, I’m gonna hit EVERYTHING.

…and last, but most importantly:

7. Catch That Squirrel

Happy New Year, everyone!

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