Pet Food Bank

Pet food bank

Old Dominion Animal Hospital in conjunction with The Companion Animal Fund has received a tremendous amount of pet food for The PET FOOD BANK. The PET FOOD BANK would like to offer pet food and supplies to the pets of needy residents. Please let anyone you know who is in need of pet food that they may come to Old Dominion during the allotted donation pick-up times.

Business Hours For Food Pick-Up are Monday-Friday from 5-6 P.M. in the basement of Old Dominion Animal Hospital. Please pull in the driveway off Preston Avenue or in the parking spots in front of the lower level entrance on Rose Hill Drive. A staff member will bring out a bag of dog and/or cat food to your car. Please only one bag each at a time so that we may supply food to as many pets as possible. We will continue to host the pantry until we are out of pet food. If anyone can’t pick up food during the allotted time please give us a call at 434-971-3500 and will be happy to make other arrangements for you.

We will continue to accept donations and contributions. Again, you may drop off any unopened bags or cans of pet food, treats, litter, or other pet supplies at our office. You do not need to enter the building – you can leave items at the door or call us and we will send staff out to pick up items directly from your car. You may also order food online and have it delivered right to our door. Monetary donations are also welcome to The Companion Animal Fund -please specify PET FOOD BANK.  Their website is

Thank you to everyone who has helped supply pet food during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Thank you all so much for helping to feed the needy pets in our area.  It means so much to so many.

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