• Boarding Intake Form

    We are proud to be able to help take care of your family by providing boarding services. Prices for boarding services are:

    • Dog Boarding: $40
    • Medicated Dog Boarding: $45
    • 10 % discount per additional dog
    • Cat Boarding: $25
    • Day boarding: $17

    If you have made a boarding reservation with us, save time by using our online form below to give us the information required to drop off your pet, or you may print and fill out the form by clicking on the button below.

    Charlottesville Boarding Intake Form

    What is your pet's discharge date and time?

    Check out time is from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Monday- Friday; if picked up after 12 pm you will be charged for the day.
    For Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 - 11:00 and from 4:30 - 6:00pm

    Number(s) you or a designated agent can be reached in case of emergency:

    If Boarding multiple pets, do you wish them to be in the same cage/run?
    (10% discount for each additional dog)

    Please sign if you will have multiple pets sharing one kennel:
    I voluntarily request that ODAH board my pets in the same run or kennel. I understand this to mean that the animals will be housed together in the confines of the requested accommodation for the duration of their stay, unless problems arise. I hereby voluntarily release ODAH, its staff and agents from any and all responsibilities or liability arising from injury or damage inflicted by one of my pets on another during their stay. I understand that in the event of such injury or damage, I am liable for all charges of medical services provided by ODAH and Greenbrier Emergency Center for the treatment of the said injuries or damage. I understand that in the event of aggressive behavior directed against one of my pets by another, that the pets will be separated and housed individually for the remainder of their stay. I also understand that I am responsible for any additional boarding charges that may apply under those circumstances. Owners understand that pets can be unpredictable and even the most docile pets may occasionally become aggressive, bite, or otherwise act in such a way that may injure themselves or other pets and owners expressly assume the risks associated with shared accomodation boarding and release ODAH of any liability arising from the same.

    Feeding Your Pet

    Please feed my pet clinic food ( Purina E/N)
    How many times per day?


    Are any medicines necessary while boarding?
    $5.00 per day
    Give names of medications, dosage, and times to give each. Also please list when your pet received their most recent dose:

    Bathing and Grooming Services (optional)

    Anal Gland Expression
    Toenail trim:
    Bath near the end of boarding ( pick up must be after 3pm if bath requested) :
    $35 - $55 based on pet's weight
    We welcome personal items, which provide your loved one the scents of home. We ask that all items are labeled and please do not bring any items that have sentimental value. While we do everything in our power to keep these articles safe, clean, and with your pet for their intended use, WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ITEM(S) WHICH BECOME LOST OR DESTROYED.

    Please read and sign the agreement below:
    If your pet requires immediate medical attention during his/her stay, we will make every attempt to contact you through the number(s) provided above. If you or your agent cannot be reached, I authorize ODAH staff to administer any medications or treatments deemed necessary for the health and safety of my pet while under their care. ( The fees will be applied to your account and paid when your pet is picked up.) I understand that ODAH will use every reasonable precaution to assure my pet's safety while it is in their care, but will not hold the hospital responsible if my pet should injure itself, escape, fail to eat, become ill, or die, unless due to the hospital's negligence. I understand that ODAH does not have 24 hour staffing and my pet will not be monitored overnight. If I am unable to pick my pet up at the designated time, I will notify ODAH and will either make other arrangements myself or have an agent or representative do so. If my pet is not picked up within two weeks of the prearranged time, ODAH may assume it to be abandoned and proceed as legal in the abandoned animal laws of Virginia.

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