The HOWS Project

HOWS stands for Houses of Wood & Straw- The HOWS Project constructs wooden dog houses and delivers them and provides bedding and other essential items to outdoor dogs in Charlottesville and surrounding area who lack appropriate outdoor shelter. Old Dominion Animal Hospital is proud to have helped HOWS care for dogs and find foster and forever homes when necessary.

The HOWS Project was created by Stacey Norris in 2008. Thanks to Boy Scout troops, some carpentry classes at the local schools, donations from hardware and building supply companies, donors, animal control officers, and animal care volunteers, the HOWS Project has built and distributed over 600 wooden dog houses to outdoor dogs (and even a few goats and feral cats, too!) in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Nelson, Louisa, Cumberland, and Orange. HOWS provides bales of straw bedding each fall/winter season to recipients from current and past years, as well as other dogs that we discover on the way. HOWS also provides other items including watering buckets, feeding bowls, leashes, nylon collars, and tether swivels to keep lines from kinking. Hundreds of dogs have benefited from the efforts of this extraordinary team.

To learn more about The Hows Project and how you can help, follow their Facebook page or visit their web site.

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